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For other uses, see Roy (disambiguation).
Gender Male
Word/name England, Normandy, Scotland
Meaning King
Other names
Alternative spelling Roi
Related names Rex, King, Kingsley, Kingston, Ry, Rai, Ray, Raymie, Raymond, Glenroy, Elroy, Leroi, Leroy, Royce, Royal

Roy is an English, Scottish Gaelic and French name of Norman origin. This family name originated from the Normans, meaning "Northman" in several Scandinavian languages,[1] who were descendants of Norse Vikings from Denmark, Norway and Iceland.[2][3] The derivation is from the word rey or roi, meaning "king", and in medieval times was used as a nickname either for one who behaved in a regal fashion, or who had earned the title in some contest of skill. It also appears in Scottish Gaelic, from the word ruadh, meaning red and galizan as Roi. Roy can also be found in India, a variant of the name "Rai", which was a historical title of honour in India conferred by the British Raj.[4][5]


Given name[edit]

Roy is a common male given name. Notable people with the given name include:

Fictional characters[edit]

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