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Raúl Cuero during an interview in Bogotá, May 1st. 2013

Raúl Gonzalo Cuero Rengifo (born in Buenaventura, Colombia) is an Colombian professor of microbiology. From 1988 through 2012 he was a professor at Prairie View A&M University researching biological resistance to ultraviolet light.[1][2] The work was supported in part by NASA and led to at least one publication and patent. During this period, Colombian media portrayed Cuero as "one of the greatest scientists in the world"[3] who was internationally acknowledged as one of the greatest Colombian inventors,[4] stated he had over 100 publications in scientific journals,[5] and claimed he had won a significant award from NASA.[6] Since 2012, he has been the research director of International Park of Creativity, an organization of which he is the founder.[2]

In 2013, an El Espectador investigation alleged Cuero's curriculum vitae mixed in trivial publications with his peer-reviewed work, listed publications that did not appear to exist, misstated his invention record and employment at NASA and possibly fabricated several awards and honors.[7] This contradicted Cuero's reputation as a leading researcher.[8] In a follow-up interview with the paper, Cuero clarified he had contracted with NASA, could not recall the origin of the award in question, stated that 11 of the 13 patents claimed on his CV were still going through the approval process, and confirmed he had five peer reviewed articles published in the past 14 years.[9]


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