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Rabel II Soter (ar-Rabil) was the last ruler of the Nabataean kingdom, ruling from 70 to 106.[1][2]

After the death of his father, Malichus II, ar-Rabil still a child, ascended to the throne. His mother, Shaqilath, assumed control of the government in the early years. His sister Gamilath became queen of the Nabataeans. Ar-Rabil gave himself the Greek title "Soter",[1] meaning "Savior", or "the one who has given life and deliverance to his people".[3]

After his death in 106,[2] the Roman emperor Trajan faced practically no resistance and conquered the kingdom on 22 March 106. It became the Roman province of Arabia Petraea, with Bosra becoming its provincial capital.[1]

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