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Rabia Chaudry
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EducationUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County (BA)
George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School (JD)
OccupationLawyer and author
Known for

Rabia Chaudry (Urdu: رابعہ چودھری) is a Pakistani-American attorney, author and podcast host. A childhood friend of Adnan Syed, subject of the podcast Serial (2014), Chaudry subsequently wrote a book about his case called Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial (2016), which became a New York Times best seller. Chaudry co-hosts Undisclosed, a podcast on Syed's case and others.

Early life[edit]

Chaudry was born in Pakistan.[1] She attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the George Mason University School of Law.[2]


Chaudry, a childhood friend of Adnan Syed, was the first person to take his case to radio producer and host Sarah Koenig; on the 2014 podcast Serial, Koenig documented her investigation into Chaudry’s contention that Syed had been wrongly convicted of killing Hae Min Lee.[3] Chaudry subsequently wrote a book about the case called Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial (St. Martin Press, September 2016).[4] Molly Fitzgerald writes in Bustle that the book "picks up where ‘Serial’ left off,"[5] describing evidence not included in the Serial podcast including letters he wrote to his family early in his imprisonment.[6] Reviewing the book for the Los Angeles Times, Jessica Roy wrote, “It was easy to forget, listening to ‘Serial,’ that it was a true story about real people. ‘Adnan’s Story’ adds context and humanizes it in a way that could change how you think about the case, and about ‘Serial’ itself.”[7] Adnan's Story became a New York Times best-seller[8][9] and one of Audible's 10 most popular audio books of 2016.[10]

Chaudry also has a podcast, Undisclosed with Susan Simpson and Colin Miller, that looks at evidence in Syed's case, the case of Joey Watkins, and others.[11][12][13]

Chaudry has been a fellow at the US Institute of Peace and at the New America Foundation.[14] She is founder and president of the Safe Nation Collaborative, a project that offers education on Islamic faith, dialogue between law enforcement and Muslim communities, and countering violent extremism.[2]


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