Race for the Bomb

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Dramatized documentary about the Manhattan Project, starting from the initial stages of scientific discovery that led to the creation of the atomic bomb, and ending with the beginning of the arms race.

The production was a joint venture involving several production companies, including Astral Film Enterprises, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Jadran Film, Philippe Dussart, Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI), Ronald Cohen Productions, TF1, and Téléfilm Canada. Very little information is available online, although IMDB [1] has an article about it. Currently, it is not being distributed to the public.


The production is quite elaborate, and covers the development of many aspects related to the origin of the bomb, such as scientific, political, and personal. Aside from the more well known names, such as Robert Oppenheimer, Leslie Groves, and Edward Teller, it includes slightly less well known yet critical individuals of this real-life and world changing saga. Individuals such as Leo Szilard (chain reaction), Werner Heisenberg (co-discoverer of Quantum Mechanics and leader of the German bomb project), etc. give a great depth to the narrative of the events.