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Rachel Galinne (Rachel S. Gluchowicz) (Hebrew: רחל גלעין; born 7 February 1949) is an Israeli composer.

Life and career[edit]

Rachel Galinne was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from Uppsala University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974 and then studied composition with Leon Schidlowsky at the Rubin Academy at Tel-Aviv University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in 1984 and a Master of Music degree in 1988. She also studied composition with Witold Lutoslawski in France, and attended Darmstadt.

After completing her studies, she worked as a composer. In 1994 she received the Prime Minister's Prize for Composers and the ACUM Prize.[1][2]


Galinne has issued the following CD albums available at the Israel Music Institute:

  • Rachel Galinne (1999)
  • Prisms (2004)
  • I Will Walk in the Land of the Living (2008)
  • A Voice Crieth in the Wilderness (2011)


Selected works include:

  • Islossning, 2 pianoforte, percussion, 1984
  • Cycles, 1986
  • Concerto, 2 pianoforte, orchestra, 1988
  • Trio, cl, va, pianoforte, 1989
  • Symphony no.1, 1996
  • Symphony no.2, 1998
  • Uneginotai Nenagen [And We Shall Sing my Song of Praise] (Isaiah xxxviii), 16-pt mixed chorus, 1993[3]
  • Amitai in memoriam, for string quartet
  • And They Shall Study War no More, for soprano, horn & piano
  • Aphrodite, for flute solo
  • Chamber Symphony, for chamber ensemble
  • Chen, for percussion solo & chamber ensemble
  • Dybuk, for Solo Clarinet
  • Ethalech be'artsot hachayim (I Will Walk in the Land of the Living)for soprano and chamber ensemble
  • Fugue for String Quartet
  • Lo Yisa Goy el Goy Cherev, Nation Shall Not Lift up Sword Against Nation, for Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble
  • Sonatat ha-Or (Sonata of Light), for Violin and Piano
  • The Story of Bellet for tenor & three instruments
  • Trio Energico for violin, cello and piano
  • Kol Kore Bamidbar (A Voice Crieth in the Wilderness) for violin and piano
  • Mahleriana for vioin, viola, cello and piano


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