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Radeberger Gruppe KG
Logo Radeberger Gruppe.svg
LocationFrankfurt am Main, Germany
Coordinates50°05′39″N 8°41′28″E / 50.0942°N 8.6912°E / 50.0942; 8.6912Coordinates: 50°05′39″N 8°41′28″E / 50.0942°N 8.6912°E / 50.0942; 8.6912
Annual production volumeApprox. 13 million hl (11 million US bbl) (2015)[1]
Revenue€1.9 bn[2]
ParentDr. Oetker

Radeberger Group is the largest brewery group in Germany. It is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and produces beer and non-alcoholic beverages at 16 different locations. With an approximate annual production volume of 13 million hectolitres, the group accounts for approximately 15% of German beer production.


Dr. Oetker purchased Frankfurt-based Binding Brewery in 1952, which became Binding-Gruppe, the brewery and non-alcoholic beverage division. After the acquisition of Radeberger Brewery, the division was renamed Radeberger Gruppe in 2002.



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