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Founded1970; 50 years ago (1970) in Czechoslovakia
ParentAsahi Breweries
WebsiteOfficial site in Czech

Radegast is a Czech beer brewed in Nošovice, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic since 1970. The beer is named after the Slavic god Radegast. Stemming from the name for the beer is the slogan: "Život je hořký: Bohudík", a Czech phrase which translates into English as "Life is bitter: Thank God" (in reference to the beer's "bitter" taste).

The brewery is owned by Pilsner Urquell (since 1999), which is, in turn, owned by Asahi Breweries. Radegast is the most popular beer in Moravia.[1]


The company brews the following different varieties of beer:[2]

Brew Description
Radegast Rázná 10 A pale draught beer with 4.1% ABV (in Czech: 10° or Výčepní)
Radegast Ryze hořká 12 A pale bitter lager with 5.1% ABV (in Czech: 12° or Hořký ležák)
Radegast Gloomy Bitter A semi-dark bitter lager with 5.2% ABV (in Czech: 12° or Temně hořký ležák)
Radegast Unfiltered An unfiltered, unpasteurized yeast pale lager with 5.1% ABV (in Czech: Nefiltrované)
Radegast Extra Bitter An extra bitter special edition beer with 6.5% ABV (in Czech: 15° or Extra hořké)
Birell (non-alcoholic) A pale non-alcoholic beer
Birell Polotmavý (non-alcoholic) A semi-dark non-alcoholic beer
Birell Green Barley (non-alcoholic) A flavored pale non-alcoholic beer


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