Radical (film)

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Directed by George Cameron Romero
Produced by George Cameron Romero
Ford Austin
Written by George Cameron Romero
Starring Tom Sizemore
Gia Skova
Josh Carmichael
Music by Jesper Kyd
Cinematography George Cameron Romero
Country United States
Language English

Radical is an upcoming action/thriller film starring Tom Sizemore. Filming took place in Hollywood.


Three American journalists have been kidnapped by a stranger who forces the American authorities to listen to your messages online and see the torture methods used, its demands are not known but the CIA has authorized the Agent McKitrick (Tom Sizemore) to intercept the stranger and free the hostages.


  • Tom Sizemore... CIA Agent McKitrick
  • Shahe Assilian ...Akim
  • Eli Jane...Abby Teller
  • Gia Skova
  • Jericha Griffin...Susan
  • Josh Carmichael...Gabriel Marx
  • B.J. Hendricks...Goggles
  • Marc Wasserman...Alan Snow

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