Radical Democracy (Chile)

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Radical Democracy
Democracia Radical
Leaders Julio Durán,
Julio Illanes,
Alfonso Quintana
Slogan Un partido de centro, con raíces en la historia
Founded November 22, 1969 (1969-11-22)
Dissolved July 17, 1990 (1990-07-17)
Split from Radical Party
Headquarters Santiago de Chile
Ideology Radicalism
Social liberalism
Classical liberalism
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation Confederation of Democracy (1972–73)
International affiliation None
Colors              Blue, red, white
Politics of Chile
Political parties
For the theoretical use, see Radical democracy.

The Radical Democracy (Spanish: Democracia Radical, DR), was a Chilean political party positioned Centre-right. The party, created in 1969, was dissolved in 1973, to reappear in 1983 before disbanding permanently in 1990.

The party was composed of Radicals, opposed to the presidential candidacy of the Marxist Salvador Allende. It represented the anti-communist sector of the Radicals that separated themselves permanently from the Radical Party. The group was initially known as the Movement for Democratic Unity. It supported the presidential candidacy of independent right-winger Jorge Alessandri in 1970.

A firm opponent to Salvador Allende, Radical Democracy took part in the parliamentary elections of 1973 as part of the anti-Allende CODE coalition. The party supported the military coup of 1973, voluntarily complying with its own dissolution that same year. Among its most notable members were Julio Durán Neumann (presidential candidate for Radical Party in 1964), Domingo Duran, Ángel Faivovich, Julio Mercado, and Rafael Señoret.

Unlike its pre-1973 period, the match was reduced due to the departure of some iconic militants. Ángel Faivovich and Germán Picó Cañas entered the National Labour Front, a movement that later became the National Renewal. Other members, such as former deputy Julio Mercado Illanes, returned to the central trunk of the Radical Party.

Electoral results[edit]

Election year (Total MPs) Seats in Parliament Number of votes Percent of the vote
1973 (150) 2 83,328 2.3
1989 (120) 0 28,575 0.42

Presidential candidates[edit]

The following is a list of the presidential candidates supported by the Radical Democracy Party. (Information gathered from the Archive of Chilean Elections).