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Radien-attje, Jubmel, Vearalden Olmai or Waralden Olmai is the superior or celestial deity of the Sami, also called Jubmel or Ibmel, a parallel to the Finnish Jumala (God).

The superior deity is the ruler of the Cosmos. In his honour, the Sami erected a sacrificial pole every autumn, symbolizing the world-pillar, which was considered as a connection the World to the firmament. The pillar reached from the centre of the Earth to the fix point on the firmament - the Pole star. The superior deity was also the “giver of life” and was considered the god of fertility.

Radien-attje is often portrayed as the main figure in a Trinity, which besides him, consists by the Raedieahkka or Radien-akka (Maadteraahka, the superior mother) and their son Radien-pardne. There are critics who claim, that this Trinity is a consequence of the meeting with the Christian religion, and that it is a match to the God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. If this is the case, it is interesting, that the Sami have replaced the Holy Spirit with a wife. In some versions, the heavenly family also include the daughter Rana Niejta. As superior deity, Radien-attje is more of an intellectual superior, as his son, Radien-pardne, performs the practical things.[1]