Radiotelevision of Herzeg-Bosnia

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Radiotelevision of Herzeg-Bosnia
Radiotelevizija Herceg-Bosne
Type Broadcast radio and online
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Founded 1992
Area Bosnia and Herzegovina
Owner Stipe Galić
Official website

Radiotelevision of Herzeg-Bosnia (Croatian: Radiotelevizija Herceg-Bosne) or RTVHB is the public-service broadcasting organization of the former Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia, now of the Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[citation needed]


Radiotelevision was founded in 1992 in Mostar,[citation needed] the capital of Herzeg-Bosnia. Interestingly, television had never started broadcast its program,[citation needed] although in radiotelevision was spent more than 10 million German marks.[citation needed] Radio started broadcasting and it broadcast its program today.[citation needed]

In 1996, was created Erotel,[citation needed] which is considered the successor of television of Herzeg-Bosnia. It broadcast programs in the Croatian language,[citation needed] until 1999, when its work was banned. Specifically, 15 November 1999 the media commission has banned the work of Erotel and forcibly took away the transmittersands and handed them over to Federalna TV,[citation needed] which broadcast program in Bosnian language,[citation needed] which broadcasts anti-Croat[citation needed] program and jeopardizes the Croatian language and Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[citation needed]