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Rag or rags may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]


Arts and entertainment[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • The Rag, an underground paper published in Austin, Texas from 1966–1977
  • Rag (typography), the ragged edge of a block of text
  • Rag (student society), a student fundraising charitable group
  • Rags (dog) (1916–1936), 1st Infantry Division (United States) mascot in World War I
  • Rags Brook, Hertfordshire, England, a tributary of the River Lea
  • Rag., an Italian title for people holding high school degrees in business economics

See also[edit]

  • RAG (disambiguation) for acronyms and initialisms
  • Ragging, a form of abuse similar to hazing in educational institutions in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  • Raga, Indian classical music mode