Rail Business Intelligence

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Rail Business Intelligence
Rail Business Intelligence cover.jpg
Rail Business Intelligence front page
Editor Robert Preston (founding editor Roger Ford)
Categories Rail transport
Frequency fortnightly
First issue March 1995 (as Rail Privatisation News)
Company DVV Media UK Ltd
Country  United Kingdom
Language British English
Website RailwayGazette.com
ISSN 1472-5428

Rail Business Intelligence is a fortnightly subscription newsletter for senior managers, investors, lawyers, contractors, consultants, local authorities, trade unionists,[1] manufacturers and service providers working in the United Kingdom's rail industry.[2] It is published every second Thursday as a printed magazine and also in PDF electronic format. Alongside contributions from Editor Robert Preston and Founding Editor Roger Ford the main Contributing Editors are Murray Hughes, Nick Kingsley and Tony Miles.[3]


Rail Business Intelligence was launched in March 1995 as Rail Privatisation News, with Roger Ford as Founding Editor.[4] Initially conceived as a short-term project to provide inside information for financial, legal and commercial organisations taking part in the privatisation of British Rail, the Railway Gazette International newsletter saw circulation continuing to expand after the 1997 general election, and in 1998 the title was changed to Rail Business Intelligence to reflect its ongoing role in the UK's privatised rail market.

The newsletter is part of the Railway Gazette Group, which includes publications such as Railway Gazette International, Railway Directory and RailwayGazette.com, and is based at Sutton, London.

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