Rajendra Choda I

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Durjaya Chieftains of Velanadu
Gonka I 1076–1108
Rajendra Choda I 1108–1132
Gonka II 1132–1161
Rajendra Choda II 1161–1181
Gonka III 1181–1186
Prithviswara 1186–1207
Rajendra Choda III 1207–1216

Rajendra Choda I was a Telugu king and the second of Velanati Chodas who ruled from 1108 to 1132 AD.

Rajendra Chola I succeeded his father Gonka I as the chieftain and continued his allegiance to the Chola dynasty. He was defeated by Anantapalaya, the general of Vikramaditya VI of Kalyani Chalukyas in 1115 AD. Rajendra Choda I was forced to accept the suzerainty of Kalyani Chalukyas. Kalyani Chalukyas continued their victory and started winning most of the Telugu country including Bezawada, Kondapalli and Jananatapura and they marched till Kanchi and ransacked it.

Someswara III succeeded his father Vikramaditya VI in Kalyani in 1126 AD and Rajendra Choda I continued their legience to Kalyani Chalukyas. Malla Bhupati of Vengi recovered some regions on the banks of Krishna, but Velanti Chodas remained as subjects of Someswara II in these battles. However, in 1132 AD, he fought along the side of the Chola dynasty. Vikrama Chola sent his army under his son Kulottunga II to Vengi. Many chieftains including Velandu Chodas joined hands with him and helped in driving out Kalyani Chalukyas in the battle of Manneru.


Preceded by
Gonka I
Velanati Chodas
1108 –1132
Succeeded by
Gonka II