Gonka II

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Durjaya Chieftains of Velanadu
Gonka I 1076–1108
Rajendra Choda I 1108–1132
Gonka II 1132–1161
Rajendra Choda II 1161–1181
Gonka III 1181–1186
Prithviswara 1186–1207
Rajendra Choda III 1207–1216

Gonka II was a Telugu king and the third of Velanati Chodas who ruled from 1132 to 1161.

Gonka II succeeded his father Rajendra Choda I. He was regarded as greatest among of all Chodas and also fought as general in earlier battles during his father reign. He accompanied Kulottunga II in many battles like famous Godavari battle that resulted in recovering all regions from Kalyani Chalukyas. He crushed many rebel chieftains like Nellore Chodas and Konidena Chodas. His kingdom included the region between Mahendragiri in north and Srisailam in south. Prola II of Kakatiyas attacked his kingdom in 1158. Chodayaraja, chief of Gonaka II killed Prola II and annexed lost regions. Gonaka II assumed many titles like Chalukyarajya MulaStambha.


Preceded by
Rajendra Choda I
Velanati Chodas
1132 –1161
Succeeded by
Rajendra Choda II