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Rajit Punshi
Born 12th Jan 1967
Chandigarh, India
Alma mater Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education
St. Xavier's College, Kolkata
Occupation Founder and Managing Principal, The Operational Risk Practice Pte Ltd


Awards and Accolades[edit]

  • Industry Thought Leader on Operational Risk and voted as one of industry’s ‘Top 50 Faces in Operational Risk’ by Oprisk and Compliance Magazine in 2008-09[1]
  • Past Board member of Operational Risk Exchange (ORX). Currently their Asia representative[2]
  • Led the 2012 H1 FICS Industry Certification Programme for Operational Risk in Singapore by NUS-Risk Management Institute

External Speaking Engagements[edit]

Year Name of Conference/Event Ref.
April 2012 Asian Banker Summit, Thailand [3]
2012 Marcus Evans – Operational Risk Conference
2006 Bank of International Settlements – Financial Stability Group
2007-2010 Financial Times (FT) Global Briefings [4]
2006-2010 Operational Risk Asia
2007 Risk Minds Asia – Merits of the TSA Position
July 2006 Risk Capital (Paris) – Why TSA is better than AMA?
2010 Asian Financial Congress [5]
Taiwan Banking Academy – Operational Risk Management Workshop for industry
UAE Central Bank – Operational Risk Roadshows for Basel 2


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