Ramana Athreya

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Ramana Athreya
Ramana Athreya.jpg
Ramana Athreya at Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
Born Bangalore, Karnataka
Residence Pune
Nationality Indian
Fields Astrophysics, Ornithology
Institutions Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
Known for Discovery of Bugun liocichla
Notable awards Whitley award by Whitley Fund for Nature

Ramana Athreya (Kannada: ರಮಣ) is a birdwatcher and an astronomer at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. In 2006, he described a new species of bird, the Bugun liocichla from the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in western Arunachal Pradesh, North-east India. This discovery has been described by Birdlife as the most sensational ornithological discovery in India for more than half a century.[1] He was awarded the Pakshishree award in 2009 for this discovery by the Government of Rajasthan.[2] In May 2011, he was conferred the Whitley Award, one of seven awardees in the year for his work on conservation and involving communities in Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary.[3]


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