Ramat Gan National Park

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Lake in Ramat Gan park

Ramat Gan National Park (Hebrew: הפארק הלאומי‎‎, HaPark HaLe'umi) is a large urban park in south Ramat Gan, Israel. It is not actually a national park.


The initiator of the idea of setting up the park was the first mayor of Ramat Gan Avraham Krinitzi who actively promoted the idea. Krinitzi advocated for setting it in the southern part of the city, on lands which were previously owned by the Arab village of Al-Khayriyya, and were incorporated to Ramat Gan after the ending of the Israeli Independence War.

Planting began in February 1951 and the park opened to the public in 1953. In 1959, an artificial lake was created, which was enlarged throughout the years.

The park will be incorporated in Ariel Sharon Park.

The park covers an area of 1.9 km2. It is the second largest urban park in Israel, after the Yarkon Park. The park attracts 700-800 thousand visitors annually.[1] The Ramat Gan Safari is adjacent to the park.


Coordinates: 32°2′57.21″N 34°49′32.89″E / 32.0492250°N 34.8258028°E / 32.0492250; 34.8258028