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Ramin (transliterated from Rāmin) is a given name and surname. Ramin may also refer to:

In fiction
  • Ramin, a character in Shahnameh, the famous poetic epic by Iranian national poet Ferdowsi. He hides during the battle between Rostam and Sohrab, a metaphor for the weakness inside the human heart
  • Ramin, a character in the poem Vis u Ramin, an ancient love story in Persian literature composed in poetry by the Persian poet Asad Gorgani (فخرالدين اسعد گرگاني) in the 11th century
Other uses
  • Ramin, a common name of Gonystylus, a genus of trees in southeast Asia in the family Thymelaeaceae
  • Ramin (tree)
  • Ramin, a 2012 album by Ramin Karimloo
  • Ramin (film), a 2011 Lithuanian documentary