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Ramón Valdés
Ramon Valdes.jpg
Ramón Valdés as Don Ramón on the show El Chavo del Ocho
Born Ramón Gómez Valdés de Castillo
(1923-09-02)2 September 1923
Mexico City, Mexico
Died 9 August 1988(1988-08-09) (aged 64)
Mexico City, Mexico
Cause of death Stomach cancer
Resting place Mausoleos del Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
Other names
Occupation Actor
Years active 1949–1988
Family Valdés

Ramón Gómez Valdés de Castillo (2 September 1923 – 9 August 1988), often credited as Ramón Valdés, was a Mexican actor of film and television, he is best remembered for his multiple comedic roles in different programs but specially remembered for his most iconic character Don Ramón. He is also recognized as one of Mexico's best comedians.[2]

Born in Mexico City, he was raised in a humble and numerous family that would later moved to Ciudad Juárez when he was aged two. Valdés made his acting debut at cinema on the movie Tender Pumpkins (1949) appearing along with his brother already an actor Germán Valdés better known as "Tin-Tan", who was the one that introduced him into the acting world. Under extra or supporting roles, he continued making appearances on films during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. Ramón and Germán had two other brothers also actors, Manuel Valdés better known as "Manuel "El Loco" Valdés" and Antonio Valdés better known as "El Ratón Valdés".

In 1968, he met Roberto Gómez Bolaños better known as "Chespirito" with whom he began working on multiple programs such as Los supergenios de la mesa cuadrada, Chespirito and El Chapulín Colorado but it was on Bolaños’s popular sitcom El Chavo del Ocho that he gained international fame for his portrayal of Don Ramón in the series. He left El Chavo del Ocho show in 1979, but returned to it in 1981, with this being his final year on the project.

In 1982, Valdés starred with Carlos Villagrán on the Venezuelan program Federrico and on Ah que Kiko in 1987, although both programs did not have the success that it was expected.

On 9 August 1988, Valdés died of stomach cancer at the age of 64.

Life and career[edit]

1923–1968: Childhood, early career and multiple films[edit]

Váldes was born on 2 September 1923 at Mexico City, his parents were Rafael Gómez-Valdés Angellini and Guadalupe Castillo,[3] with whom he lived a quiet childhood, without being surrounded by many luxuries because they were a humble and numerous family.[4] He had several brothers, Germán Valdés "Tin Tan", Manuel "El Loco" Valdés, Antonio Valdés "El Ratón Valdés", Guadalupe, Angela, Cristóbal, Antonio and Armando. He was nicknamed "El moncho".[4] At the age of two, his family moved to Ciudad Juárez.[3][5]

In his youth, Valdés earned his living in multiple activities and trades that appeared to him at the time, so that due to his instability he sometimes faced economic problems.[4] At the same time he began his artistic career thanks to the support of his brother Germán, "Tin Tan", who took him to act with him in different projects, so he participated in more than 50 films of the golden age of Mexican cinema, where he did not become well known, nor was he very successful.[4] His film debut took place on Tender Pumpkins (1949).[6] He continued appearing on multiple movies as an extra or with supporting roles till he met Roberto Gomez Bolaños (Chespirito) in 1968.[4]

1968–1980: Meeting with Chespirito and career success[edit]

Graffiti depicting Ramón Valdés here as "Don Ramón"

In 1968, he met Roberto Gomez Bolaños (Chespirito) on the program Sábados de la fortuna, Bolaños saw the talent of Váldes and he made him part of the cast of comedians for his new television project called Los supergenios de la mesa cuadrada,[7] where he performed along with María Antonieta de las Nieves and Rubén Aguirre. Then the program changed its name to Chespirito,[8] it was so successful that it was many years on television. Then came the television bomb El Chavo del Ocho in 1971,[9] where he would play Don Ramón, achieving with this series the success and recognition he had never experienced. It is said that his character didn't had too many differences as how Váldes was in real life, with fellow co-worker Rubén Aguirre making a comparison between the character and Valdés stating:

He also participated on El Chapulín Colorado aired in 1973 in which he portrayed multiple characters.[10]

According to rumors, the personal differences between the members of the cast and the disagreements in the salaries made Ramon Valdés, quit "El Chavo del Ocho" in 1979.[4]

1980–1988: Return with Chespirito and final projects[edit]

Despite quitting the part of Don Ramon, Valdés continued making films until 1986.[11]

Not knowing what he did in 1980, he returned to television in 1981, performing in "Chespirito" as his former characters. He also returned to "El Chavo del Ocho", this being kept as a secret until the moment of recording.[12] According to the history behind his return on one of the episodes in the series, Váldes entered the set to surprise La Chilindrina (María Antonieta de las Nieves) and such was the surprise of the actress, that the tears shed during that scene were real.[12] Valdés only stayed one more year in the production as at the end of that year he left the program forever.[12]

In 1982, Valdés tried his luck again on television with Carlos Villagrán on the Venezuelan program Federrico and on Ah que Kiko in 1987, programs that did not have the expected success.[4] These were his final projects before passing away in 1988.[13]

Other media[edit]

In 1984, Váldez starred in a music video entitled "Aprendiz de Pirata" (Spanish for "Pirate Apprentice") with Luis Miguel for his song "Tú No Tienes Corazón" of his 1984 album Palabra de honor.[14]

Valdés is featured under his Don Ramón character on the 2014 kart racing game El Chavo Kart based on the El Chavo: The Animated Series.[15]

Personal life[edit]

He was of Italian descent.[3] Valdés owned a circus.[5] According to Valdés, he had a falling out with Chespirito after he refused to lend Valdés 20,000 pesos he needed to buy a house.[16]

Valdés had three wives and, as a result of his relationships had 10 children.[3][17] One of his wives was the singer Araceli Julián.[3]

Valdés kept a strong friendship with fellow actress on El Chavo del Ocho, Angelines Fernández better known on the show as Doña Clotilde "La Bruja del 71".[17] At Valdés's funeral, Fernández stayed standing in front of his coffin and crying inconsolably for his departure.[17] He was also good friends with María Antonieta de las Nieves.[12]

He was the uncle of Mexican pop singer Cristian Castro, as his brother Manuel "El Loco" Váldes is Castro's father.[18]


Valdés's crypt with wrong birthdate at Mausoleos del Ángel in Mexico City
Inscription at Ramón Valdés's crypt

Valdés was an acknowledged tobacco smoker and even according to some interviews of people close to him stated that it was not unusual to see him with a cigarette even in the recording sets.[13]

On 9 August 1988, Valdés died at age 64 after a battle with stomach cancer which ended his life after the cancer turned into metastasis on his spinal cord.[13] Valdés was entombed at Mausoleos del Ángel in Mexico City,[19] the same cemetery where his longtime friend, Angelines Fernández, also rests.[20]


Valdés is remembered as one of the most beloved characters from El Chavo del Ocho for portraying Don Ramón,[4] as well as being one of the most popular characters in the series.[3]



Year Title Role Notes
1949 Tender Pumpkins Willy
1949 Soy charro de levita Don Primitivo
1949 Novia a la medida
1950 The King of the Neighborhood El Norteño
1950 The Mark of the Fox Guardia
1950 Simbad el mareado
1950 El Revoltoso Detective
1951 Oh Darling! Look What You've Done! Panadero
1951 Kill Me Because I'm Dying!
1952 Las locuras de Tin Tán Detective
1952 The Beautiful Dreamer Cavernario
1953 You've Got Me by the Wing González
1953 The Vagabond
1953 God Created Them Ramón; Otto
1953 The Unknown Mariachi Detective
1954 Mulata Marinero Uncredited
1955 Escuela de vagabundos Taxista
1955 La vida no vale nada Uncredited
1956 Una movida chueca
1956 Pura vida
1956 El sultán descalzo
1956 El vividor
1956 Botas de oro
1956 El inocente Mecánico Extra
1957 Las aventuras de Pito Pérez Trailer
1957 Los tres mosqueteros y medio
1958 A Thousand and One Nights
1958 Escuela para suegras
1958 Refifi entre las mujeres
1958 La odalisca nº 13'
1959 Tres lecciones de amor
1959 El cofre del pirata
1959 Vivir del cuento
1960 Variedades de medianoche
1960 Tin Tan y las modelos
1960 The Phantom of the Operetta Policía Uncredited
1961 El pandillero
1961 El pandillero
1961 El duende y yo
1961 Viva Chihuahua
1961 Escuela de valientes
1961 Juventud rebelde
1962 El malvado Carabel
1962 Ruletero a toda marcha
1962 El centauro del Norte
1962 Cazadores de asesinos
1962 Los valientes no mueren
1962 ¡En peligro de muerte!
1963 Los Amigos Maravilla en el mundo de la aventura
1963 El tesoro del rey Salomón Alí Ben
1963 Vuelven los Argumedo
1963 Fuerte, audaz y valiente
1963 Entrega inmediata
1964 Buenos días, Acapulco
1964 Vivir de sueños
1964 Mi alma por un amor
1964 Héroe a la fuerza
1964 Campeón del barrio
1965 El padre Diablo
1965 Diablos en el cielo
1965 El pecador Mesero Juan
1965 Mi héroe
1965 El rifle implacable
1965 Tintansón Crusoe
1965 Los fantasmas burlones
1965 El señor doctor Paciente Vendado
1966 El tragabalas
1966 El falso heredero Joselito el vagabundo
1966 Cada quién su lucha Badín's Henchman
1968 Corona de lágrimas Conductor del camión de gas
1969 Duelo en El Dorado
1969 Duelo en El Dorado
1969 El aviso inoportuno
1970 Gregorio y su ángel
1970 El cuerpazo del delito El gordo
1970 La hermanita Dinamita Conductor de ambulancia
1970 Chanoc en las garras de las fieras
1970 ¡Ahí, madre!
1970 El profe Papá de Martín
1971 Los Beverly del Peralvillo
1972 Chanoc contra el tigre y el vampiro
1972 Hijazo de mi vidaza
1973 Entre pobretones y ricachones
1973 Chanoc y las tarántulas
1973 El capitán Mantarraya
1975 Chanoc en el foso de las serpientes
1977 Chanoc en la isla de los muertos Tsekub Baloyán
1979 El Chanfle Mr. Moncho Reyes
1979 El secuestro de los cien millones
1979 En esta primavera
1979 Chanoc en el circo Unión
1981 OK Mister Pancho
1983 El más valiente del mundo
1983 Los gatilleros del diablo
1984 Luis Miguel, aprendiz de pirata
1986 El mas valiente del mundo


Year Title Role Notes
1968 Los supergenios de la mesa cuadrada
1970 – 1973, 1981 Chespirito Various characters
1972 – 1979, 1981 El Chavo del Ocho Don Ramón
1973 – 1978 El Chapulín Colorado Various characters
1983 Federrico Don Moncho
1987 ¡Ah, qué Kiko! Don Ramón


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