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Randy Simms is the current mayor of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador. Simms was also host of Open Line, a call-in radio talk show that airs weekday mornings on the VOCM/CFCB radio network, and a political commentator for The Telegram and CBC News.

Simms became mayor in 2007, when the previous mayor, Steve Kent stepped down to represent the district of Mount Pearl North in the House of Assembly. He was acclaimed in the 2009 election and again in the 2013 election.

In 2010, Simms faced severe public scrutiny after suggesting that profiling be used to speed airport security service. Simms openly advocated racial profiling as a weapon in the war on terror. He writes, "we have to consider racial profiling as a weapon in the war on terrorists," suggesting the institution of a "separate and distinct security protocol for Muslims," and insists it be, "much more rigorous than most of us experience." "Dangerous Times" The Telegram Jan. 9, 2010. This type of divisive opinion is not uncommon with Simms who airs them freely during his daily, local radio call-in show.

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