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Randy Simms is the current mayor of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador. Simms was also host of Open Line, a call-in radio talk show that airs weekday mornings on the VOCM/CFCB radio network, and a political commentator for The Telegram and CBC News.

Municipal politics[edit]

Simms became mayor of Mount Pearl in 2007, when the previous mayor, Steve Kent stepped down to represent the district of Mount Pearl North in the House of Assembly.[1] He was re-elected by acclaimation in the 2009[1] and 2013 elections.[2][3] Simms announced in May 2017 announced that he will not seek another term in the 2017 election[4].

Provincial politics[edit]

Simms' first foray into provincial politics was in the 1993 provincial election, representing the Progressive Conservative Party in the electoral district of Harbour Main.[5] He came in second to Don Whelan, receiving 3141 votes to Whelan's 3310.[6]

In 2014, Simms joined the Liberal Office of the Official Opposition as an advisor.[7]

In 2015, Simms announced he would seek the Liberal Party nomination in the district of Mount Pearl North.[8] He was subsequently acclaimed as the party's candidate for the 2015 provincial election.[9] On November 30, 2015, Simms was defeated by Progressive Conservative incumbent Steve Kent.[10]


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