Rangpur (Ahom capital)

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This article is about Rangpur as a capital of ancient Ahom kingdom. For other uses, see Rangpur (disambiguation).
historical place
Country  India
State Assam
District Sibsagar
 • Official Assamese
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
ISO 3166 code IN-AS
Vehicle registration AS

Rangpur (pron: ˈræŋpʊə or ˈræŋgpʊə), one of the capitals of the Ahom kingdom, was established by the Swargadeo Rudra Singha in 1707 (Gogoi 1968, p. 508). It is currently a part of Sibsagar town. Many historical monuments of the Ahom era, the Talatal Ghar and Rang Ghar, are here.

Rangpur remained the capital during the most glorious period of the Ahom kingdom. The capital fell twice to rebels of the Moamoria rebellion. In the first instance, the rebels occupied the capital for a few months between 1769 and 1770, when the Swargadeo, Lakshmi Singha, was kept in captivity. In the second instance, the rebels occupied the capital in 1788 and held on to it till 1792, when Thomas Welsh of the East India Company removed them. Even though Rangpur came back to the control of the Ahom state, it lost its status as the capital to Jorhat, the last Ahom capital.

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