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Ranorex Logo
Ranorex screenshot
Developer(s) Ranorex GmbH
Stable release
7.0.0 / March 29, 2017 (2017-03-29)
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Test automation
License Proprietary
Website www.ranorex.com

Ranorex is a GUI test automation framework for testing of desktop, web-based and mobile applications. Ranorex is provided by Ranorex GmbH, a software development company for innovative software test automation solutions.[1][2] Ranorex does not have a scripting language of its own, instead using standard programming languages such as C# and VB.NET as a base.[3]


Main features[edit]

  • GUI Object Recognition - RanoreXPath for identification/filtering of all types of GUI elements.[3][4] Ranorex Spy provides the mapping information of GUI elements to their RanoreXPath expression.[5][6]
  • Object-based Capture/Replay functionality (called Ranorex Recorder), which provides maintainable recordings via an actions table editor,[3][6] transforms recorded actions into C# and VB.NET code and generates detailed report files for quick error detection.[7]
  • Test Automation Library for .NET[3]
  • Test Development Environment (called Ranorex Studio)[3] makes code completion, debugging and test project management possible.[8]
  • Flexible Test Automation Interface: Test Automation within specific test environments is possible.[3] Test suites with Ranorex results in .EXE files[9] for simple integration into existing environments such as test management tools, continuous integration processes or batch execution scenarios.[5] They can be easily run by launching the .EXE file from the command line.[4]

Supported testing types[edit]


Supported technologies[edit]


System environment[edit]

Ranorex supports the following platforms:[5][10]


  • Windows Automation Honors Awards[11]
    • Best Commercial FUNCTIONAL Automated Test Tool - .NET
    • Best Commercial FUNCTIONAL Automated Test Tool - Flash/Flex
  • 3rd Annual ATI Automation Honors Awards[12]
    • Best Commercial FUNCTIONAL Automated Test Tool - .NET
    • Best Commercial FUNCTIONAL Automated Test Tool - Flash/Flex
  • Finalist in Jolt Awards 2013 - The Best Testing Tools[13]
  • Constantinus Award 2013[14]
    • Constantinus-award winner - Standard Software and Cloud Services

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