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Language(s)Old Norse
Derivationregin + úlfr
Meaning"advice", "decision" (also "the gods") + "wolf"

Ranulf is a masculine given name in the English language. It is derived from the Old Norse name Reginúlfr. This Old Norse personal name is composed of two elements: the first, regin, means "advice", "decision" (and also "the gods"); the second element, úlfr, means "wolf". Reginúlfr was introduced into Scotland and northern England, by Scandinavian settlers, in the Early Middle Ages.[1]

People with the name[edit]

Fictional characters with the name[edit]

  • Ranulf, character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
  • Ranulf, an additional natural son of Henry I of England in Sharon Kay Penman's Plantagenet series. The meticulous research for which Penman is noted extends to the names of minor characters. Completely fictional characters in her books are rare and are always identified in her author's notes. They serve as devices to illustrate aspects of medieval life, to reveal information, or to bridge gaps in knowledge, especially when such revelations would be out of character for the historical figures in her novels.[2]


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