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Not to be confused with Rao (Chinese surname).

Rao is a title and a surname used in the Indian subcontinent.

Notable people with this surname or title include the following:

As a surname[edit]

Rao are the Khastriya clan in India.

As a title[edit]



  • Rao Birender Singh, 2nd Chief Minister of Haryana.
  • Rao Inderjit Singh, Member of Parliament 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th Lok Sabha. Cabinet Minister, Minister of State (Independent Charge) Statistics and Programme Implementation, Planning and Defence.
  • Rao Tula Ram, one of the key leaders of the Indian rebellion of 1857, in Haryana.
  • Rao Gopal Dev, a leader of the Indian rebellion of 1857, in Haryana.
  • Rao Narbir Singh (born 1961) Cabinet Minister, Government of Haryana for Department of Public Works (B&R), Haryana and Department of Public Health Engineering (Water Supply and Sanitation), Haryana (2014)