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'''Rap''' or '''RAP''' may refer to:
*[[Rapping]], genre of poetry and music in which rhyming lyrics are chanted, with or without musical accompaniment
*[[Hip hop music]], also known as rap music
*A sharp blow with something hard, e.g. "a rap across the knuckles"
*The [[blame]] for something, e.g. "He turned the catering food over to his mates and I got the rap for it."
==As initials==
* [[RAP]] : RAmez Productions, company created in 2008 by French rapper RAmez
* the IATA airport code for [[Rapid City Regional Airport]]
* [[Rassemblement pour l'alternative progressiste]], a Québécois political party
* [[Retirement annuity plan]], a type of pension plan in the UK
* [[Rule against perpetuities]], a legal doctrine from the common law of real property
* [[Remote Administration Protocol]], a simple administration protocol on top of the [[Server Message Block]] protocol
* [[Eclipse Foundation]]'s [[Rich AJAX Platform]], a software platform for developing Rich Internet Applications
* [[Regimental Aid Post]]
* [[Rocket Assisted Projectile]]
* [[List of TCP and UDP port numbers#Ranges|Route Access Protocol]], a general protocol for distributing routing information at all levels of the Internet
[[ca:Rap (desambiguació)]]
[[da:Rap (flertydig)]]
[[ja:ラップ (曖昧さ回避)]]
[[pl:Rap (ujednoznacznienie)]]
[[ksh:RAP (Watt ėßß datt?)]]

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