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Raphe Malik, born Laurence Mazel (November 1, 1948 in Cambridge, Massachusetts – March 8, 2006 in Guilford, Vermont) was an American jazz trumpeter.


Malik studied at the University of Massachusetts (1966–70), then moved to Paris, where he played with Frank Wright and members of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. After returning to Ohio, he began working with Cecil Taylor in the mid-1970s, including at Carnegie Hall and for tours of Europe. He and Taylor collaborated through much of the 1970s and 1980s. In 1976, Malik performed in a production of Adrienne Kennedy's A Rat's Mass directed by Cecil Taylor at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in the East Village of Manhattan. Musicians Rashid Bakr, Andy Bey, Karen Borca, David S. Ware, and Jimmy Lyons also performed in the production. Taylor's production combined the original script with a chorus of orchestrated voices used as instruments.[1]

In the 1990s, Malik recorded several albums as a leader, and played with Dennis Warren in the Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble.


As leader[edit]

Release year Title Label Notes
1992 21st Century Texts FMP quintet: with Glenn Spearman, Brian Nelson (saxophone), Larry Roland (bass), Dennis Warren (drums)
1994 Sirens Sweet & Slow OutSounds quintet: with Glenn Spearman, Brian Nelson (saxophone), Larry Roland, Jamyll Jones (bass), Dennis Warren (drums)
1997 The Short Form Eremite quartet: with Glenn Spearman (saxophone), George Langford (bass), Dennis Warren (drums)
1999 ConSequences Eremite quartet: with Sabir Mateen (sax), William Parker (bass), Denis Charles (drums)
2000 Storyline Boxholder trio: with Cecil McBee (bass), Cody Moffett (drums)
2001 Looking East: A Suite in Three Parts Boxholder quartet: with Sabir Mateen (saxophone), Larry Roland (bass), Cody Moffett (drums)
2001 Speak Easy Le Systeme solo trumpet
2002 Companions Eremite quartet: with Glenn Spearman (saxophone), William Parker (bass), Paul Murphy (drums)
2004 Sympathy Boxholder trio: with Joe McPhee (saxophone and trumpet), Donald Robinson (drums)
2004 Last Set: Live at the 1369 Jazz Club Boxholder quartet: with Frank Wright (saxophone), William Parker (bass), Syd Smart (drums); recorded in 1984

As sideman[edit]

With Jimmy Lyons

With Sabir Mateen

With Cecil Taylor


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