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Chief Rasolo of Nayau
Tui Nayau Rasolo
Wives Laufitu
Father Niumataiwalu
Mother Tarau of Tovu Totoya

Rasolo was a Fijian High Chief.[1][2]


Father of Rasolo was Chief Niumataiwalu of Lakeba. Rasolo’s mother was Lady Tarau of Tovu Totoya.[3]

He was a brother of Lady Sivoki and Uluilakeba I and half-brother of Matawalu.

Rasolo’s first wife was Lady Laufitu. Their son was Malani.

His second wife was from Lakeba. She bore Soroaqali and Lalaciwa to Rasolo. Lady Radavu was the third wife of Rasolo. She bore him Taliai Tupou.


Rasolo became the third Roko Sau of the Lau Islands and first installed holder of the title Tui Nayau.[4] According to the oral history,[5] Rasolo was exiled to Nayau.[6]

He is considered to be the progenitor of the noble households Matailakeba and Vatuwaqa.[7]

It was under the rule of Rasolo that the invading Bauan forces were driven from Lakeba.


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