Rasputin – Miracles Lie in the Eye of the Beholder

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Rasputin – Miracles Lie in the Eye of the Beholder is a rock opera about the mysterious and infamous Russian peasant, Grigori Rasputin. Written by Michael Rapp, a popular rock-artist who has written several musicals and movie scores, Rasputin's triple cd concept album features Ted Neeley (of Jesus Christ Superstar fame) as Rasputin, the British actor John Hurt as the Narrator, Amanda McBroom as the Tsarina Alexandra, and others. A one-night showcase of Rasputin was performed at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware on December 18, 1999, again starring Ted Neeley as the Mad Monk Rasputin, James O'Neil as Tsar Nicholas II, M. Ross Ramone as Alexei, Larry Friedman as Derevenko and Christopher P. Carey as Doctor Botkin. The piece is one of many projects in line for a full production in the future, pending cast availability.

Concept Album Cast[edit]

Concept Album Track Listing[edit]

Gold CD (Act I):

  1. Assassination
  2. Grand Waltz/ Heaven Help Us
  3. The Meeting
  4. Don't Dress Me in Gray
  5. God Save the Tsar
  6. We'd Rather Die
  7. Tell Me If You Think I'm Russian
  8. Never Give Up On You
  9. Prelude
  10. Father Gregor
  11. Prelude
  12. Sweeter When Love is Secret

Green CD (Act II)

  1. Eternity/ Prelude
  2. Never Say Die
  3. The Bishop & the Empress
  4. God is Good
  5. Let's all Move to Sibera
  6. Prelude
  7. Peasant Dance
  8. How You Gonna Know?
  9. I Owe You
  10. They Must Never Know
  11. Prelude
  12. Nasdrovia!

Purple CD (Act III)

  1. Prelude
  2. Because of You
  3. Prelude
  4. With Every Drop
  5. Kill the Devil With A Kiss
  6. Blood On Your Hands
  7. Kill the Devil Too
  8. Rasputin's Death The Letter & Montage
  9. God Where Are You Now?
  10. The Other Side
  11. The Other Side
  12. Bonus - Eternity Too

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