Rattlesnake Lake

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Rattlesnake Lake
View from Rattlesnake Mountain's Lower Ledge. Chester Morse Lake is in the far background
Location King County, Washington
Coordinates 47°25′49″N 121°46′24″W / 47.43028°N 121.77333°W / 47.43028; -121.77333Coordinates: 47°25′49″N 121°46′24″W / 47.43028°N 121.77333°W / 47.43028; -121.77333
Basin countries United States
Average depth 20 feet
Max. depth 40 feet
Islands 0
Settlements 1

Rattlesnake Lake is a lake in King County, Washington, located in Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area some 30 miles (48 km) east of Seattle.


The flood, rising, 1915

The town of Moncton existed in 1906–1915 around the northern edge of Rattlesnake Lake. In the spring of 1915 it was destroyed by flooding caused by seepage of water from the newly created Chester Morse Lake into Rattlesnake Lake, and later condemned. Hardly any traces remain.[1]


Rattlesnake Lake is very memorable for the many people that go during the summer. The lake itself has many stumps, which are used by birds as nesting sites. There is also a rare form of geese that are hybrids of Canada Geese and something unknown and rather foreign to that specific area. There is also a legend of a bugler occasionally playing taps at sunset in the woods near Rattlesnake Lake. For more than 30 years when the mysterious bugler plays, most stop to listen. The lake has recently become a popular place for locals to slackline and perform other outdoor activities on the lake's spacious, grassy shores.

Winter View of Rattlesnake Lake from Rattlesnake Ledge


  1. ^ Flood waters slowly inundate Moncton, beginning in the spring of 1915, HistoryLink.

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