Ravinder Grewal

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Ravinder Grewal
Genres Punjabi, Bhangra, Romantic, Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Actor

Ravinder Grewal is a male Punjabi singer. Born 28 Oct. 1979. He comes from Gujjarwal village in Ludhiana district of Punjab, India. He has produced a Punjabi-language film, Raula Pai Gaya, through his own production house. Here is no doubt in the fact that he has a large fan following not only in India but also abroad. Ravinder Grewal fans consist of children, youngsters, homemakers and even aged people. It is because of his dedication and commitment and passion for his work that has helped him earn accolades in the industry.


The following are some of Grewal's albums:

  • Brand
  • Punjabi Doze
  • Aaja
  • Aaveen baba Nanaka (Religious)
  • Aj Din Shagna Da
  • Botal Wargi Tu
  • Cadbury (2012)
  • Eh Hai Khalsa (Religious)
  • Fansi
  • Gabroo Shokeen
  • Theme Parks (2014)
  • Gulabi Pagg Ban Mitra
  • Guru Manieo Granth (Religious)
  • Haaye Meri Billo (2011)
  • Hatt Pichhe
  • Haye Mera Dil
  • Ik Din
  • Khalse Di Rahoo Singho Chardi Kala (Religious)
  • Ishq Tere Di Lor
  • Jaan
  • Jattan De Munde
  • Kharka-Darka
  • Mehfil Mittran Di
  • Naal Nach Lei
  • Parhan Naanke La Ti
  • Parnaam Shaheedan Nu (Religious)
  • Roula Pai Gaya
  • Teri Haan Vich Haan
  • Teri Meri Jodi