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Ray Lewis (born 1963) is a Guyana-born youth worker in the United Kingdom and a former Deputy Mayor of London.


Lewis was educated in a school in Walthamstow.[1] He began his career as an administrative officer in the civil service, then studied Theology & Pastoral Studies at Middlesex University[1] before being ordained in 1990.[2] He later worked at HM Prison Woodhill in Milton Keynes.[1]

In 2002 Lewis became Executive Director of Eastside Young Leaders Academy, based in Newham, east London, after being inspired by a scheme in the USA (YLA). He visited this academy with 3 of his loyal boys, 2 of whom are still currently part of the organisation (Razak Farley & Anthony Wright) [3] The aim of the charity is to improve the lives of young black males to prevent them turning to crime. It offers academic coaching and mentoring from successful black businessmen.[3] Lewis' personal aim is: "We see no shortage of young black males in the courtrooms, so my vision is to seek to prepare as many as possible for the boardrooms."[1] The charity received national recognition from The Guardian newspaper in December 2007.[3]

Deputy Mayor[edit]

Lewis was appointed as Deputy Mayor of London for Young People in May 2008 by new Mayor Boris Johnson.[1]

Misconduct allegations[edit]

On 3 July 2008 Mayor of London Boris Johnson, announced an independent inquiry into multiple allegations including financial misconduct, to be headed by Martin Narey, the former chief of the Prison and Probation Service. The allegations included allegations that Lewis was entrusted with £25,000 from a woman in the congregation in the Parish of St Matthew, West Ham in the Diocese of Chelmsford. Lewis also claimed in his official biography to be a Justice of the Peace, which was later denied by the Ministry of Justice. The financial allegations are denied by Lewis as 'complete rubbish' and as an attempt to 'smear' his reputation.

It also emerged that he had been barred from working in the Church of England after allegations of financial misconduct. Lewis was placed on the Lambeth and Bishopthorpe Register—the so-called "Lambeth List"—which prohibits people from public ministry and preaching,[4] from 1999 to 2005.[5]

On 4 July 2008 Lewis resigned as a result of these allegations of misconduct.[6] He returned to work for Boris Johnson in a voluntary role as "ambassador for mentoring" in 2010 before taking a similar paid position in 2013, working one day per week for a salary of £20,000.[7] Lewis was one of nine of Boris Johnson's aides to receive approximately £50,000 as a "golden goodbye" after Johnson's last term as mayor.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Lewis is married to Pamela and they have three daughters.[1]


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