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Ray Takeyh
Born 1966
Tehran, Iran
Alma mater University of Oxford
Occupation Scholar

Ray Takeyh, DPhil is an Iranian-American Middle East scholar, former United States Department of State official, and a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.[1]

Early life[edit]

Ray Takeyh was born in Tehran, Iran in 1966. He obtained his doctorate from the University of Oxford.


Prior to joining the Council, he was a fellow in international security studies at Yale University, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a professor at the National War College, and a professor and director of studies at the Near East and South Asia center at the National Defense University.

Takeyh has written extensively on Iran and on U.S. policy toward the Middle East. He has testified several times before various committees of the U.S. Senate and has appeared as an Iran expert on a variety of television programs, including the PBS Newshour.

Takeyh assisted Dennis Ross in 2009 in the latter's position as senior Iran advisor at the U.S. State Department.[2]



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