Rayman Junior

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Rayman Junior
US Rayman Brain Games cover
Developer(s) Aqua Pacific
Publisher(s) Ubi Soft
Platform(s) PlayStation, Windows
  • NA: August 11, 2001
Genre(s) Educational
Mode(s) Single player

Rayman Junior, released as Rayman Brain Games in North America, is an educational platform game, developed by Aqua Pacific, with contributions from schoolteachers for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. Rayman Junior supports educational levels 1 - 3, 1 being easiest and 3 being hardest. Each level is sold separately. This game was mainly developed for Primary School pupils.


Happiness abounds in Rayman's world. There, he and Betilla the Fairy spend hour upon hour enjoying their idyllic world and watching over the Wizard's Magic Book of Knowledge. The Wizard, a very scholarly and philosophical person, has put all the secrets of wisdom and knowledge in this book. But one day, the evil Mister Dark breaks into the Wizard's cottage, destroying everything in his wake - even the map to his secret hideout! Now the world will be at the mercy of the evil Mr. Dark! So the Wizard and Betilla call for the one person who can save the world. They call for Rayman! Rayman knows that the only way to retrieve the stolen Magic Book of Knowledge is to correctly answer the questions demanded of him along the way. Each time Rayman successfully completes a challenge, he gets a piece of parchment which, when matched with all the other pieces, forms the map that will show the way to Mister Dark's hideout. Once the map is pieced together, a final test will give Rayman the chance to retrieve the Magic Book of knowledge.


Rayman Junior has players exploring a map of Rayman's world as in the original game, completing levels as they go in order to progress. First off, players are given a choice of two levels plus a few training levels which teach them about Rayman's powers and how to use them. Each 'proper' level has five stages that need to be completed in order to progress further onto the map. The Magician mentors you through these stages. Stages might have you rhyming words, calculating mathematical sums or stepping on certain numbers and much more.

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