ReBoot: My Two Bobs

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ReBoot: My Two Bobs
Written by Raul Inglis
Ian Person
John Grace
Philip Mitchell
Gavin Blair
Directed by Steve Ball
Theme music composer Robert Buckley
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Running time 85 minutes
Production company(s) Alliance Atlantis Communications
Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
IDT Entertainment Sales
Distributor YTV
Meridian Television
Original release November 2001 (Canada)
December 2001 (UK)

ReBoot: My Two Bobs is a 2001 Canadian made-for-TV movie based on the series ReBoot. The movie continues the events set in motion by the cliffhanger ending in Daemon Rising. Along with Daemon Rising, the two movies are considered the fourth season. It was originally broadcast in Canada as a film, but was later rebroadcast as 4 individual episodes. Broken down into its component episodes, it is 'My Two Bobs', 'Life's A Glitch', 'Null-Bot Of The Bride' and 'Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus'. It was released on DVD along with Daemon Rising.[1]


At the end of Daemon Rising, Bob and Dot got engaged. To the confusion of everyone, however, a portal opens from the net and Ray Tracer and another Bob steps through. Inasmuch as the second Bob looks like the original from Seasons 1 and 2, Dot names the Bob which merged with his keytool Glitch Bob. Most of My Two Bobs is taken up with the efforts of Dot, the two Bobs themselves, and the other mainframers to ascertain who is the original and who is the copy and in general to come to terms with the situation.

After some counseling from Phong and Mouse, Dot decides to marry the new Bob, whereupon Glitch Bob—the nominal original—earnestly attempts to return himself to his original form in order to resolve his existential situation. His efforts ultimately fail and leave him in a catatonic, "crystalline" state; he is covered in a starry substance that proves to be impenetrable. Dot continues with her wedding plans as Glitch Bob is treated at the Supercomputer.

Glitch Bob's condition steadily worsens on her wedding day. The impenentrable starry substance covering him gradually dims completely, and the Guardians believe that they have lost him. This moment of crisis prompts all the keytools of other guardians (which had disconnected from guardians infected by Daemon) to separate from Glitch Bob, and they revive him before returning to the guardians. The Guardians discover that his code no longer matches what they have on file, suggesting that he is in fact the copy.

Glitch Bob returns to Mainframe to stop the wedding, where he reveals that Megabyte has previously stolen part of his code. Glitch is able to return this code to Bob, which forces Megabyte to emerge— Glitch Bob is the original, while the new Bob had been Megabyte in disguise.

After a spectacular battle in the church, investigation reveals that Megabyte is now a Trojan Horse virus, able to shapeshift and effectively disguise himself as anyone. Megabyte eludes capture by using various aliases and a doppelganger and ultimately infiltrates the war room by taking on the form of Frisket. After suborning various personnel, including Dot's father, and capturing Enzo, Megabyte gains "complete control" of the Principal Office. The movie ends with him proclaiming that he will now follow his predatory virus nature; he is not out to take over Mainframe again, but instead simply seeks revenge on the guardians. His last words, which are the final words of the series, are "Prepare yourselves for the hunt!"

The film includes many parodies of pop culture tropes including, but not limited to, The Brady Bunch, Pokémon, Star Wars, Star Trek's transporter, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Village People, The Thing, and The Blues Brothers.



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