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Real Insurance is a trading name in Australia of Greenstone Financial Services Pty Ltd (GFS) which acts as the retail agent of The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd for the distribution of a range of its general insurance products, including pet insurance, home and contents, and motor insurance.[1] It also distributes a range of life insurance products underwritten by Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd, including life insurance, funeral insurance, income protection insurance and bill insurance.[2]

Under the Real Insurance brand, Hollard issues and/or distributes bike, car, funeral, home and contents, life, pet, and travel insurance.[1]

In 2008, Real Insurance was the first insurance company to offer pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) insurance in Australia, whereby the car insurance premium is reduced for drivers with low kilometres usage.[3] Such drivers can specify in advance the number of kilometres they plan to drive, in return for reduced premiums.[3] Setting the maximum number of kilometres at the start of the policy eliminates the privacy issues inherent in other types of usage-based car insurance, which may require drivers to have a monitoring device installed to track the kilometres they drive.[4]


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