Rearguard Falls

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Rearguard Falls
Rearguard Falls.jpg
Rearguard Falls
LocationRearguard Falls Provincial Park
Coordinates52°58′25″N 119°21′25″W / 52.97361°N 119.35694°W / 52.97361; -119.35694Coordinates: 52°58′25″N 119°21′25″W / 52.97361°N 119.35694°W / 52.97361; -119.35694
Total height6 m (20 ft)
WatercourseFraser River

Rearguard Falls is located in Rearguard Falls Provincial Park on the Fraser River in British Columbia.[1][2] The falls are located 115 km (71 mi) downstream from the river's source at Fraser Pass. This is the farthest point that salmon migrate up the Fraser River to spawn, about 1,260 km (783 mi) from the ocean. [3] A boardwalk is installed on the trail leading from the rest area on yellowhead highway to the falls; allowing travellers a close-up view of the falls.

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