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Rebecca, from Rebekah, is a biblical matriarch from the Book of Genesis and a common first name. As a name it is often shortened to Becky, Becki, or Becca; see Rebecca (given name).

Rebecca (and related names) may also refer to:


Film and TV[edit]


  • Rebecca (musical), a 2006 musical by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay based on the du Maurier novel
  • Rebeca Pous Del Toro, known professionally as Rebeca, a singer from Spain from 1996 to present
  • Rebecca, (レベッカ), a 1980s Japanese pop band fronted by Nokko
  • Rebekah Johnson, also known as Rebekah, Rebecca Johnson, and Rebecca Jordan, an American singer-songwriter from 1997 to present



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