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Recording Workshop
455 Massieville Rd
Chillicothe, Ohio, Ross County 45601
United States
Coordinates 39°14′53″N 82°58′54″W / 39.24812°N 82.981612°W / 39.24812; -82.981612Coordinates: 39°14′53″N 82°58′54″W / 39.24812°N 82.981612°W / 39.24812; -82.981612
Founded 1977
Other Names RECW
Former Names The Recording Workshop

Recording Workshop (RECW) is a school that teaches the process of music recording and audio production. It is located seven miles south of Chillicothe, Ohio.


Founded in 1977 as "The Recording Workshop", this school was associated with Appalachia Sound Recording Studio. Both entities originated with Joe Waters who had started the recording studio in 1971. Jim Rosebrook joined the school operations in 1979, and became the director in 1980.

1987 brought Recording Workshop industry recognition with a Mix Magazine TEC Award[1] Nomination as Outstanding Educational Institution.[2]

Notable lecturers at Recording Workshop include:

Notable graduates of Recording Workshop include:

Current programs[edit]

The primary course offered by Recording Workshop is the "Music Recording & Audio Production CORE Program. This lasts five weeks and provides 180 hours of training. An extension course is the "Music Recording & Audio Production ADVANCED Program. This offers two additional weeks of training, adding 80 more hours of learning experience. Both of these programs are presented seven times per year.[11]

Recording Workshop is a curriculum requirement for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Technology and the Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Technology offered by Capital University, Columbus, Ohio [12]