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The Red Arrow sleeper train running between Moscow and Leningrad.
The Red Arrow (new cars) leaves St Petersburg, as "The Hymn to the Great City" is played in Moscow Station.

The Red Arrow (Russian: Кра́сная стрела́) is a Russian sleeper train connecting Moscow and Saint Petersburg via the Moscow–Saint Petersburg Railway.


The Red Arrow runs from Leningrad Station in Moscow to Moscow Station in Leningrad. It started its first regular service in 1931, and has only been interrupted between 1941 and 1943 during the Siege of Leningrad. In 1962, the deep red colour of the train was adopted. Since 1965, the song "The Hymn to the Great City" has been playing when the Red Arrow leaves St Petersburg at 23:55. It was composed by Reinhold Glière and has been adopted as the hymn of Leningrad.

To enhance capacity, a second sleeper train was introduced in 1978, called the Red Arrow 2; this service leaves Moscow and Leningrad four minutes later. As newly designed cars were introduced by Russian Railways in 2007, the Red Arrow 2 was renamed Express. As the demand for sleeper train increased even more, they introduced yet another sleeper service, called Megapolis, leaving Moscow or Leningrad after the Red Arrow and Express.

Notable events[edit]

In honour of the 75th anniversary of the train, a special subway train called "Red Arrow - 75 years" was launched in 2006 on the Moscow Metro. On 29 March 2010 the subway train was bombed in the terrorist attack at Lubyanka station. As of June 2010 the subway train has been repaired and relaunched.

Train times[edit]

There are 32 direct express train services daily from Moscow to Leningrad, from which the following are selected.[1]

Train No. From - Via - To Leningrad Moscow Duration Comment
166A Moscow - Leningrad 19:00 23:30 4h 30m Sapsan, the fastest among the direct express trains.
032V Moscow - Leningrad - Helsinki 22:50 06:02 7h 12m
054Ch Moscow - Leningrad 23:40 08:35 8h 55m The slowest among the direct express trains.
002A Moscow - Leningrad 23:55 07:55 8h 00m "The Red Arrow" sleeper train.
004A Moscow - Leningrad 23:59 08:00 8h 01m "The Express" sleeper train.
038A Moscow - Leningrad 00:30 08:48 8h 18m "The Megapolis" sleeper train.


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