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Chivalry & Sorcery
Designer(s) Edward E. Simbalist, Wilf K. Backhaus
Publisher(s) Gamestuff Inc
Publication date 2000, RedBook (Gamestuff)
2009, RedBook Phoenix edition
2011, RedBook Chimera edition
2012, RedBook Gorgon edition
2013, RedBook Manticore edition
2014, RedBook Hydra edition
2015, RedBook fork Troll-Head
2016, RedBook Minotaur edition
Genre(s) Fantasy
System(s) Custom

The Red Book is a trade mark of Gamestuff Inc[1] and is an unauthorized edition of Chivalry & Sorcery (C&S) role playing game. Its name is from the red cover of the 1st official edition. All successive Red Book editions took the same design. Editions of Red Book after the first are named in addition to numbered: Phoenix (2nd), Chimera (3rd), Gorgon (4th), Manticore (5th), Hydra (6th) and Minotaur (7th). Red Book preserves the cover and typeface of the 1st edition of C&S. C&S was originally created in 1977 by two Canadian game designers, Edward E. Simbalist and Wilf K. Backhaus, and first published by Fantasy Games Unlimited[2] (FGU), an American editor. The 2nd edition was also published by FGU (1983), the 3rd by Highlander Designs[3] (1996) and the 4th by Britannia Game Designs (2000), an English editor.[4]

C&S: the Red Book[edit]

Published in 2000 by Wilf Backhaus and Hugh Tyreman. This free download pdf was published by Gamestuff Inc, a gaming company based in Camerose, Alberta.[5] C&S Red Book was a reprinting of the original 1977 edition of C&S with a larger typeface size and some minor additions.[6] It was produced under license from Wilf K. Backhaus, Maple Leaf Games Ltd[7] (the game company of Ed. Simbalist who died in March 2005), and Britannia Game Designs Ltd[8] (BGD) by Gamestuff Inc. At that time Simbalist and Backhaus officially parted since Wilf Backhaus did not take part in the writing of C&S4: the Rebirth.[9] This edition is the only authorized version even if its legality seem to be in question.[10] All successive versions are unlicensed and have the same cover as the first edition published by FGU in 1977[11] (see image above). Nonetheless the Red Book has been continuously updated by fans over the years and is available as a pdf.[12]

C&S RedBook 2: Phoenix[edit]

Published in 2009, this version appears to be based on Red Book. The work contains many unlicensed references to Middle Earth's Tolkien universe and it restores the Black Magick spells that disappeared since the 3rd edition.[13] The cover is a copy of the original 1st Book edition cover art.[14]

Changes made from the original C&S RedBook:

  • 3 new classes (Spy, Inquisitor, Dark Knight)
  • new clerical fighting orders
  • plagues & diseases
  • new weapons for monsters
  • new drugs & poisons
  • the inquisition
  • the Opus Dei
  • Druidism
  • Druidic cults & Deities
  • Elves, Dwarves & Hobbits lifestyles
  • new spells & Black Magick
  • the magicians part 3
  • new magic weapons & armors
  • new magic items
  • extended monsters descriptions
  • new monsters
  • designing monsters
  • Archaeron

C&S RedBook 3: Chimera[edit]

In 2011, another edition of 338 pages was released as a free downloadable pdf. This version contains the last writings of Wilf Backhaus, who died in October 2009[15] and the full supplement "Arden", one of the nations in the Archaeron campaign of the designers of Chivalry & Sorcery that was first published by FGU in 1979.[16] This edition kept the original game's mechanics but focused on background material such as Demonology. At that time, an official 5th edition was still in development. When C&S Chimera was issued, BDG attempted to protect its trademarks.[17]

Changes made from C&S RB Phoenix:

  • new elven races (Noldor: High elves, Sindar: Grey Elves and Nandor: Wood Elves)
  • 2 new religions: paganism and wotanism
  • the place a women in the feudal society
  • the free companies
  • the exorcist, new character class
  • the saints
  • churches of Evil for Dark Knights
  • the Summoner, a new type of magician
  • occult books
  • backfire table
  • symbols of guard
  • circles of power and summoning
  • spells of summoning
  • Demonology: infernal origin, hierarchy in hell, the Watchers, possessions, Cardinal pacts
  • Angelology: angelic hierarchy, angelic appearance, archangels, powers of angels
  • the medieval cities
  • new monsters
  • the full supplement of Arden with original maps

C&S RedBook 4: Gorgon[edit]

One year after the release of C&S6, a new version of 489 pages was launched on the internet as a free downloadable pdf. This version was named C&S Red Book 4th to avoid confusion with the (then) future official 5th edition to come.[18] This edition kept the original game's mechanic and contains old/unpublished writings and articles of Ed. Simbalist, who died in March 2005, and Wes Ives,[19] a major contributor to the first edition of C&S. The full supplement "Saurians", the world of intelligent dinosaurs that was published by FGU in 1979,[20] had been included in the appendix.

Changes made from C&S RB Chimera:

  • the Nephilims: a new race
  • skills
  • the medieval castle
  • crimes & punishments
  • torture during the Middle age
  • the Herald
  • Fighting orders organization
  • a Warrior Monk Day Planner
  • Holy relics
  • The Blessings of the Valar
  • Ogham
  • White Magick
  • Witchcraft Organisation
  • Demon weapons & Demon armors
  • creating a medieval world
  • customs of feudal society
  • playing evil
  • the full supplement Saurians

C&S RedBook 5: Manticore[edit]

In June 2013, a new version of 666 pages was released as a free downloadable pdf. Like the boxed set of the official second edition of Chivalry & Sorcery published by Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU), this version is divided into three core rulebooks,[21] followed by appendices.

  • Book 1 discusses character creation, skills, virtues and flaws, experience and advancement.
  • Book 2 discusses combat, feudal age, tournaments, castles, warfare and monsters.
  • Book 3 discusses magick, magical combat, demons, angels and the pantheon of Middle Earth (unlicensed by the Tolkien estate).

The appendices contain expansions, modules and supplements published by FGU. Despite the fact that all redbook editions bear the logo of FGU, Scott Bizar, the CEO of the company claims he has nothing to do with them, and since Backhaus' death in 2009, the editors remain anonymous.[22] A group calling itself the "Loyal Order of Chivalry & Sorcery Revival Team" began making announcements on behalf of Red Book editors.[23] Originally, Wilf Backhaus founded the LOCS in September 1996 as a mean of keeping alive interest in C&S.[24]

Changes made from C&S RB Gorgon:

  • a new race: the Half-elven
  • the Nordic Barbarians
  • Paladins & Dark knights
  • the agricultural year
  • heraldry for monsters
  • seals
  • army organisation
  • how to play a vampire
  • the Nordic magick users
  • the ancient runes
  • new spells
  • The DragonLord and The Songsmith: 2 modules for C&S[25]

C&S RedBook 6: Hydra[edit]

Published in May 2014 this new version of 864 pages was released on the internet and is divided into 9 books:[26] This version contains two extensions never published by FGU although long ago advertised: "Crusaders", a supplement covering the time of the Crusades in the Holy Land; and "King Arthur", the mythic England of Arthurian legends. As well as writings of Isaac Bonewits about the C&S magick system.

Hydra was organized in nine books.

  • book 1: the great campaign (180 pages)
  • book 2: the book of chivalry (158 pages)
  • book 3: the book of sorcery (146 pages)
  • book 4: warfare (34 pages)
  • book 5: crusaders (80 pages)
  • book 6: king Arthur (86 pages)
  • book 7: Saurians (66 pages)
  • book 8: the campaign book (80 pages)
  • book 9: the appendices (22 pages)

C&S: World of the Troll-Head[edit]

In August 2015, a new fork of Original C&S RedBook was available. This edition of 235 pages is an adaptation of OC&S1 and OC&S2 with a few enlightenments, expansions and houserules. The book provides rules for creating characters in the feudal realms of the Troll Head: a vast continent where many different cultures live.[27] Unlike editing RedBook, both authors Jean-Marc Pinaud and Guy-Franck Richard did not remain anonymous. They offer to download these version on the website that propels their online campaign called Galapiat.[28]

C&S RedBook 7: Minotaur[edit]

One year after the release of C&S Troll-Head, a new RedBook version called Minotaur was published online as a free downloadable pdf.[29] This edition totaled 964 pages divided into 11 chapters:

  • book 1: the great campaign (160 pages)
  • book 2: those who pray (90 pages) - NEW -
  • book 3: the book of chivalry (98 pages)
  • book 4: the book of sorcery (126 pages)
  • book 5: Creatures Bestiary (86 pages) - NEW -
  • book 6: warfare (36 pages)
  • book 7: crusaders (100 pages)
  • book 8: king Arthur (86 pages)
  • book 9: Saurians (66 pages)
  • book 10: the campaign book (80 pages)
  • book 11: the appendices (22 pages)


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