Red Willow Creek

Coordinates: 40°13′21″N 100°29′13″W / 40.22250°N 100.48694°W / 40.22250; -100.48694
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Red Willow Creek
CountryUnited States
VillagesWallace, Nebraska,
Red Willow, Nebraska
Physical characteristics
MouthRepublican River
 • location
Red Willow, Nebraska
 • coordinates
40°13′21″N 100°29′13″W / 40.22250°N 100.48694°W / 40.22250; -100.48694
 • elevation
730 m (2,400 ft)
Basin size783 sq mi (2,030 km2)
 • locationmouth

The Red Willow Creek is a 126-mile-long (203 km)[1] tributary of the Republican River in Nebraska. The name is reported to be a mistranslation of the Dakota Indian name Chanshasha Wakpala, which literally means Red Dogwood Creek. The Dakota referred to the creek as such because of an abundance of the red dogwood shrub that grew along the banks. Its stem and branches are deep red in color, and it is favored in basket making.[2]

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