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Lutheran schools in Australia are educational institutions set up under or affiliated to the Lutheran Church of Australia. This affiliation is via Lutheran Education Australia,[1] through its three district offices (Lutheran Education Queensland, Lutheran Education South East Region (Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania) and Lutheran Schools Association (South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia)).

Lutheran schools are accredited by the relevant State Government authorities in Australia under the various education laws in place. For example, in New South Wales, the New South Wales Department of Education approves non-government schools under the Education Act 2000 (NSW).

In Australia, non-government schools are generally referred to as 'independent schools'. This does not indicate that they are independent of the education laws of Australia, only that their governing bodies are managed privately. In all respects, they must adhere to the relevant educational standards prescribed in school syllabus preferred by each State’s educational authority.

There are 1078 independent schools throughout Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that there are 83 Lutheran schools which make up 6.4% of that total, being the sixth highest group when viewed by percentage of students attending.

Lutheran education institutions consider that the Christian Bible is essential in relation to educational subjects that relate to religious instruction or communal worship. For example, the specific prayer or devotions times for students during normal school time. However, Lutheran education institutions differ from some other Christian education schools by accepting that it is not always appropriate to apply biblical concepts to traditional curriculum areas, such as maths or science.[2]

Lutheran schools attempt to place practising Lutherans and practising Christians of other Christian traditions first in enrollments. This is in contrast to some other Christian educational institutions, which take into account other non-religious criteria.[2]

The following is a list of Lutheran educational institutions in Australia.

Preschools, kindergartens & family day care[edit]

Primary education & secondary education[edit]

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Western Australia[edit]

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To useful books on the subject: The Patriarchs: A History of Australian Lutheran Schooling 1839-1919 by Richard J. Hauser The Pathfinders: A History of Australian Lutheran Schooling 1919-1999 by Richard J. Hauser Both available from Amazon in Kindle format.