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Reformed Theological College
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PrincipalMurray Capill
38°11′25.93″S 144°18′20.44″E / 38.1905361°S 144.3056778°E / -38.1905361; 144.3056778Coordinates: 38°11′25.93″S 144°18′20.44″E / 38.1905361°S 144.3056778°E / -38.1905361; 144.3056778

The Reformed Theological College (RTC) is the theological college supported by the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, the Reformed Churches of New Zealand, and the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia. It is located in the Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia.

RTC accredited through the Australian College of Theology and is a member of the South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges.

RTC has published the Vox Reformata annual journal since 1962.[1]

Notable alumni[edit]

The founding members of the band Sons of Korah attended RTC and formed the band while studying there.[citation needed]


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