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neuform Vereinigung Deutscher Reformhäuser eG
Cooperative of Reformhaus owners
Founded 1927
Headquarters Zarrentin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Products Vegetarian groceries (mostly also organic), cosmetics and personal care products, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals
Revenue Increase 605 million (2006)[1]

Reformhaus ("reform house") is a German retailer that specializes in groceries and personal care products according to the principles of the 19th-century Lebensreform movement, for example the products are vegetarian, often (but not necessarily) organic, and free of synthetic preservatives. In English-speaking countries this particular form of retail shop is usually called a health food store. However, there are also real health food stores in Germany called Naturkostladen, which are the exact equivalent of a health food store, and not generally connected to the Reformhaus chainstores.

One of the first Reformhaus store opened in Wuppertal in 1900.[2] In 1927 the neuform cooperative of Reformhaus owners was founded. This cooperative became responsible for central purchasing, quality assurance, and marketing.[3]

Entrance of a Reformhaus store

As of January 2007, there were 1,662 Reformhäuser in Germany and a total of 2,980 retail outlets in Germany and Austria.[1]

It was reported in 2009 that Reformhaus revenues were in decline as other German organic grocers took away business, probably because grocery selection in a Reformhaus is typically relatively limited. To counter this development, a new flagship store with a larger floor area and product selection was opened in Frankfurt.[4]


In 1956, the Reformhaus-Fachakademie was founded in Oberursel, an education center that serves both aspiring Reformhaus owners and their staff and the wider community. The center offers seminars on topics such as nutrition, Traditional Chinese medicine, and ecology.[5]


Reformhäuser also existed in East Germany, such as this one on Karl-Marx-Allee in East Berlin photographed in 1969.

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