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Army Training Unit
Active 2005-present
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Role Training
Part of Army Recruiting and Training Division

Army Training Units (ATU) provide Basic Training for a proportion of Army Reserve recruits in the British Army.


Army Training Units (ATU) are commanded and staffed by UK Army Reservists. Along with Regular Army Training Regiments (ATR), they provide Basic Training to Army Reserve recruits, except those joining 4 PARA. Reserves recruits are selected at an Army Recruit Selection Centre. They then undertake a short initial training course known as 'Phase 1A', over four weekends or a residential week. The weekend-based course is preferred by many of those with weekday jobs or those who seek to develop their fitness at a steady pace. This 1A Course is followed by a 15-day residential 'Phase 1B' course to achieve 'Trained Soldier' status. These generic courses teach essential elements of the Regular Common Military Syllabus 2014 (CMS 14). Recruits will then attend Trade Training courses as stipulated by their cap badge / Corps. The HAC currently runs its own Phase 1A course twice a year.


ATUs were created as Regional Training Centres (RTC) - which were in turn created from Brigade Specialist Training Teams (STT) - to provide basic training and specialist courses for the UK Army Reserve (formerly the Territorial Army). They were originally commanded and administered by their local Regional Forces (RF) Brigade. From 2012 they were renamed Army Training Units and command of the ATUs passed to Initial Training Group (ITG), part of the Army Recruiting and Training Division (ARTD). ITG is responsible for all Army Basic Training, both Regular and Reserve, except Regular Standard Entry Infantry.

In 2013-14, ATU South moved from Malta Barracks, Aldershot to Pirbright and was then closed, with its staff subsumed into 2 ATR (a Regular unit) as its Reserves-only D Company. ATUs were further rationalised in 2017, with two units amalgamating to become ATUs North and West. ATU West Midlands retained its location but was reduced to a training company of ATR Grantham (a Regular unit that solely trains Reserves). This rationalisation also meant the removal of specialist course delivery and the deletion of the 'S' Companies at the ATUs (and hence the amalgamations). This training is now delivered by the relevant Defence or ARTD Schools.


Reserves Basic Training courses (1A and 1B) are also delivered by:

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