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René Martial (17 October 1873, Paris – 23 January 1955, Vendôme) was a French anthropologist during the thirties and the Vichy era (1940-1944).


Dr. René Martial appears in books on the history of Vichy or of anti-Semitism as an example of « French-style racism ». The social trajectory of this character disappears behind the excessive visibility of his collaboration and his works. Yet, before being a « racist », R. Martial was a hygienist who claimed to be a socialist. According to William H. Schneider « the views on immigration stated by French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen fit well with Martial's earlier ideas »

Selected works[edit]

  • Traits de l'immigration et de la greffe inter-raciale, Larose, 1931, rewarded by the Institut de France
  • La Race française, Mercure de France, 1934, réédité en 1943, rewarded by the Institut de France
  • Race, hérédité, folie. Etude d’anthropo-sociologie appliquée à l’immigration, Paris, Mercure de France, 1938
  • Vie et constance des races, Mercure de France, 1939.
  • Français qui es-tu ? Mercure de France, 1942
  • Les Métis - Nouvelle étude sur les migrations, le mélange des races, le métissage, la retrempe de la race française et la révision du code de la famille, Flammarion, 1942
  • Notre race et ses aïeux, Perqual, 1943
  • Les races humaines, Hachette, 1955


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