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Renato Mannheimer is an Italian pollster and professor of sociology at the Universita' degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca.

He has published in academic journals[1] and is a consultant to the daily Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and to the Italian public service broadcaster RAI.

He is most famous for frequently appearing on a popular RAI's talk show to provide and comment on data measuring and tracking the Italian public's attitudes concerning political, social, and economic issue of the day.

Up until February 2014 he chaired Rome's municipal Agency For Public Services Quality. He resigned after being indicted for tax evasion.[2]

In February 2015 he pleaded guilty for tax evasion and returned €6m to the Italian Tax Administration.[3] He did not serve any time in prison.

Mannheimer publicly said he was now sorry for the wrongdoing. His polling business, although less fashionable than it used to be, is still operational.


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