Renault GBC 180

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The Renault GBC 180 is an all-terrain truck used by the French armed forces, in use since the late 1990s.

Renault GBC 180
GBC180 001.JPG
Type Heavy cargo truck
Place of origin France
Service history
In service Late 1990's
Used by French Army
Production history
Manufacturer Renault Trucks
Produced 1997 to Present
No. built 5,500+
Length 7.27 - 8.25 m[1]
Width 2.49 m
Height 2.92 - 3.27 m
Crew 2 + 15

Engine Renault 6 cylinder diesel
175 hp
Payload capacity 5,000 kg
Ground clearance 0.60 m
800+ km
Speed 88 km/h


The GBC 180 is an advanced upgrade and refurbished version of the Berliet GBC 8 KT, with a new engine and transmission, and an increased payload of 5,000 kg.[2]

The GBC 180 conversion was announced in 1997, when a first batch of 2,800 trucks were ordered. By 2009, over 5,500 trucks were upgraded to the GBC 180 variant.


The GBC 180 has a six-cylinder diesel engine, the MIDR 06.02.26. The engine can run on diesel or kerosene.


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